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Mental Health

Expert in mental health and helping individuals realize their own abilities


Expert in addiction, and repeated use of drugs, or repetitive engagement in a behavior

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Expert in behavioral health and other psychological, and social sciences

Who I am

A Pioneer in the Behavioral
Health Industry

  • Created first non medicare mental health program in state of Florida
  • First gender specific treatment program in state of Florida
  • Expert in mental health , addictions and behavioral health

Ben Brafman, LMHC, CAP is the CEO and Founder of The Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center, The Academy for Addiction Professionals, and the founder of Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation.  Ben holds a BS degree from Syracuse University and a Dual Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling and Family Therapy from Barry University.  With more than twenty years of hands-on experience, Ben is a leading authority in the field of Substance Use Disorders and treatment protocols.  He is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Addiction Professional, and Supervisor for licensure in the state of Florida.

  • Founder of The Academy for addiction professionals
  • Founder of Sullivan Pharmacy
  • Founder for Trilogy Wellness Center

About Ben

Behavioral Health
Consulting Services

As an entrepreneur, Ben established programs offering individualized care with a one-to-one ratio between patients and staff.

He created the first gender-specific, age-specific, and mental health program in the field.  These diversified programs attribute to a successful model that he even teaches to other treatment center owners who have adopted his methods for treating addiction.

He is a published author in the area of dual diagnosis and chemical dependency and trains others to be certified professionals in the field of addiction through his Academy for Addiction Professionals.  His new book is slated to launch this year and will serve as a guide to become a professional in behavioral heath.  Ben speaks at conferences, universities and colleges across the nation, discussing trends and issues affecting the mental health and substance abuse community. Ben’s programs have been featured in national publications including Addiction Professional, NBC, ABC, and FOX national news.  He currently resides in Parkland, Florida with his wife Suzanne and their three children Abby, Jacob, and Eli.